Sunday, June 5, 2022

Snailbutter by Ben Fitts

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Bizarro Horror

Format: eBook

Pages: 111

Read: 06/05/22

Amazon Synopsis:

A campy horror of regret, synchronously morphing into a monstrous, unexpected outcome. High school adultescent can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re hiding inside a snail shell refusing to come out, shelling out the world around you even your best friend. Snailbutter is a Bizarro punch of imagination packed with evil genetically-modified animals, sexy robots, Nazi scientists, cannibal lovers, cute British girls from other dimensions, and much more. What will become of Brian while he is inside the giant snail shell?


"Brian and I walk down the hallway to our lockers, weaving in and out of all the other ninth graders. The aroma is a mixture of pubescent stench and kids who are still figuring out how much deodorant and/or perfume is too much, so it’s not the best. But I guess bad smells come with the territory of teenhood."

Human monsters, real monsters, Manson and Mengele as teachers, scary animal hall monitors aka Farmpals, robots and cyborgs, cannibals, a big ass Nazi bear roaming the halls, elementary students used as experiments in shop class, kooky character's and insane enactments in the schools, murder and mayhem and a teenager who crawls into a snail shell and won't come out.

“Boys of that age, and girls too, but mostly boys, find oversized shells and resist coming out all of the time. It’s part of growing up.”

Feeling awkward and trying to fit in with your peers is a very difficult time of being a teenager. When Brian crawls into that snail shell, it feels familiar. As a teenager sometimes you just want to hide from the world. Thankfully Brian's best friend Doug sticks by his side and does not give up on him even when the true nature of Brian is revealed.

Bizarro is so much fun to read. The creativity in this is amazing. There is a lot of horror elements that had me cringing and tons of humor that had me chuckling. All the elements in this were just crazy imaginative. It plays out like a full on movie production in your mind with it's vivid imagery and detail.

I have to give this one 5 stars for the wondrous and crazy world that was created!

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